• Do you worry about the dangers that illegal immigration brings to our culture and communities?
  • Do you get mad that our free speech is under attack by tech companies like Google, Facebook?
  • Do you want to put an end to the public schools pushing leftist politics on our kids?

I do…

I started the advocacy group called #PurpleForParents to fight for parents’ rights.

I own a digital marketing and advertising business that helps companies who have been negatively impacted by far-left tech companies.

Having been raised by an army helicopter pilot in West Germany, South Korea, and all over our United States… I know from experience that America is the best place for freedom on Earth!

My candidacy is about service.  I believe in an originalist view of the Constitution, the righteousness of our nuclear family traditions, and the untapped potential of the American people.

I am asking for more than just your vote.  I am asking you to help me stand up to protect our freedoms.  I am asking you to help defend our American culture and way of life.  I am asking you to protect the next generation of Americans.

For these reasons I will prioritize issues of public safety, technology, and education, so we can have safe neighborhoods and strong families.

If you support these same goals, please sign my petition, donate to the campaign
and share this with like minded patriots on social media!